Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Auditions announced!


Richmond Triangle Players and director Andrew Hamm are looking for five singer/actors and three musicians for the world-premiere production of “Joe Jackson’s Night and Day.” Performance dates are August 8-18, 2012 at Richmond Triangle Players Theatre.

“Joe Jackson’s Night and Day” is a concert musical incorporating songs from Jackson’s Grammy-nominated classic 1983 album “Night and Day” and its acclaimed 2000 follow-up, “Night and Day II.”

The songs are framed by a New York City pianist struggling to create an iconic song about the experience of living in the city, exploring the people and stories he has seen in a series of solos and vignettes.

Too theatrical to be a concert, too musical to be a play, “Joe Jackson’s Night and Day” is a new and unique performance piece, exploding with Latin rhythms and timeless songs like “Another World,” “Breaking Us in Two,” “Stranger than You,” “Love Got Lost,” and the smash hit “Steppin’ Out.”

WHEN: Singer/Actor auditions will be held on Monday February 27 and Tuesday February 28 beginning at 6:30 PM at Richmond Triangle Players Theatre, 1300 Altamont Avenue, Richmond.

CONTACT: For more information and to schedule an audition, call associate director Stacie Rearden Hall at 804-614-8514 or email

Singers may either bring 32 bars of their own music or prepare a verse and a chorus from any of the following songs from the “Night and Day” albums: “Stranger than You,” “Real Men,” “A Slow Song,” “Breaking Us in Two,” “Cancer,” “Glamour and Pain,” or “Love Got Lost.”

Choose a song you want to sing, rather than aiming for a specific role. We are looking for a pop/rock/gospel/Latin sensibility more than musical theatre. An accompanist will be provided.

Rehearsals will begin in March, and will be spread out over the intervening months, primarily in groups on weekends and one-on-one on weeknights.

Performers will be expected to do a lot of learning and practice on their own in order to make the best possible use of minimal rehearsal time. All positions paid. No roles will be pre-cast. All ethnicities are strongly encouraged to audition.

Singers and musicians are strongly encouraged to utilize YouTube or Spotify to get a sense of the sound of the show.

• Male, 20s-60s. A homeless, paranoid street-prophet, ever-present and unchanging. Featured in “Chinatown,” “TV Age,” and “Cancer.”
• Male, 20s-30s. Several roles, primarily a gay Village-dweller and a transvestite prostitute. Featured in “Stranger than You,” “Real Men,” and “Glamour and Pain.”
• Female, 40s-60s. Two roles: a Midwesterner visiting NYC for the first time and a bitter, hard-as-nails businesswoman. Featured in “Another World” and “Love Got Lost.”
• Female, 20s-30s. Several roles including an older sister in search of her runaway younger sister and The Girlfriend Who Got Away. Featured in “Stranger than You,” “Dear Mom,” and “Breaking Us in Two.”
• Female, 20s. Several roles including a young stripper and a recent immigrant. Some soaring, operatic-ish soprano needed. Featured in “Why?,” “Real Men, and “Love Got Lost.”
• A sixth, one-song non-singing role may also be cast. Female, 20s-40s, oozing flagrant sexuality.

The band is on the stage during the show, and there is a performative element to their appearance. This is not a pit band; it is more like a band for a concert. Like the singers, musicians will be required to memorize complex music and perform it without music stands.
• Violin. Must also play light hand percussion (shakers, claves)
• Cello. Must also play light hand percussion (shakers, claves)

Musicians should contact director Andrew Hamm at 804-855-4998 or at to set up an audition.

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