Saturday, June 23, 2012

More fabulous backers revealed!

The honor roll of Joe Jackson's Night and Day Kickstarter backers continues! There are still 20 days left to add your name to the list, friends!

John Nyman
Will Vehrs
Robert M. Gantt
Andrea Kalfoglou
Velocity Comics in Richmond, VA
Donna Thrift
David Timberline
Chris Hester
Chris Donahue
Tracy Kellum Simpson
Randolph L. Newton
Andreas Wostrack
Bart Grantham
Dave Hummell
Paul Baker
Jennifer Drake
Stacey Mills
Stephanie Kelley
Susan Haubenstock
Lori Humm
Charles Carr
Gary Trahan
Sera Tabb
Rawn Gandy

Keep it coming, supporters! August 8 is only six weeks away!

Kickstarter success!

Last night, Joe Jackson's Night and Day's Kickstarter campaign met its minimum goal of $3000.

With 20 days to go until our deadline.


An incredible and humbling array of family members, friends, colleagues, total strangers, and old flames (yes, plural) combined to make this happen in just over one week. Each and every one has received a tweet of thanks from @andrewjhamm, and the full list will appear here when the campaign is done. All I can say is thank you, and that I recognize the love and faith implicit in such generosity. We're making you all a hell of a show.

The Kickstarter goal has been met, but our fundraising goals have not been. Not yet. The Kickstarter campaign is only half of the minimum budget needed to produce the show, and we have had several local fundraising setbacks in the past month.We still need about $1500 to meet our budget and pay for all these musicians, designers, and technical requirements. In truth, I'd like to make substantially more, as the musicians and singers are making rather a pittance considering they started working on the show in March.

Kickstarter will continue to receive donations through July 13th, and if you're a fan from a distance that's a great way to help us out! Bear in mind, of course, that Kickstarter and Amazon take a small cut of your donation. If you want every penny to go straight to the show, you can write a check to Richmond Triangle Players with "Joe Jackson" in the memo line and mail it to:

Richmond Triangle Players
PO Box 6905
Richmond, VA 23230

Better still, email me at to talk about how I can bring an hour of live music into your living room for an in-house fundraiser for you and your most musically-inclined friends.

Again, thanks for all the support.

Today, we are performing a trio of songs from Joe Jackson's Night and Day at Richmond CultureWorks' Cultsha Xpo. We'll be hitting the Rotunda stage at 11:30 with three songs from Night and Day: "Another World," "Breaking Us in Two," and of course "Steppin' Out." We hope to see you Central Virginians there, but if you miss it tune back in later today for the exclusive video!

Oh, and here's a bonus, designed with the invaluable assistance of Sarah Jamillah Johnson:

Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Kickstarter campaign is a smash!

Three days into our Kickstarter campaign to raise $3000, we've already had 18 backers commit $915 to the project. It's possible that I shot too low, but we needed to be safe. Kickstarter only awards you funds if you meet your target number; any less and you get zero. However, if the pledges exceed $3000, we will receive the overage! Bear in mind that the Kickstarter campaign is only part of our fundraising effort (which has had a number of local setbacks recently, with event backers pulling out in recent weeks). If we overshoot our goal by enough, it will remove a LOT of stress and allow us to really focus on the show.

Most intriguing to me is that $1000 reward, the living room concert. I could play a lot of Joe Jackson songs for you and your friends in your home. What a great idea for a group of people to pool their money and win that reward...

I've been tweeting thanks to supporters as soon as they pledge @AndrewJHamm, which has been fun. So keep on backing JJND, and by all means pass it on! If you have friends who are supporters of the arts, let them know about the project too! We need to raise enough money to pay everyone, and then we need to pack the house for eight shows in August! Richmond is a lovely city to visit in the summer. Make your vacation travel plans for Central Virginia now is all I'm saying...

JJND backers as of this morning:

Ashlee Parnell
Andrew Dolson
Elizabeth Lennox
Dan Stackouse
Joe Evans
Jacquie O'Connor
Nancy Hall
Julie Holm
Stephen Ryan
Philip Crosby
Rebecca Jones
Jo Bachmann
Brittany Scott Keegan
Stan Baranowski
Nancy Frowert
Thomas Eichler
Philip Hamm
Donald Semmens

Friday, June 15, 2012

JOE JACKSON'S NIGHT AND DAY is on Kickstarter!

We're coming into serious production and fundraising time, and the Joe Jackson's Night and Day Kickstarter campaign has begun!

This is a great way for JJ fans from all over the world to get involved with the project and collect some unique collector's items associated with the show. We have until July 13 to raise $3000 in commitments (though I'd like to raise a lot more). If we fall short of the $3000 goal, we get nothing, so spread the word!

The Kickstarter video also features audio and still photos from the March preview concert!