Saturday, June 23, 2012

Kickstarter success!

Last night, Joe Jackson's Night and Day's Kickstarter campaign met its minimum goal of $3000.

With 20 days to go until our deadline.


An incredible and humbling array of family members, friends, colleagues, total strangers, and old flames (yes, plural) combined to make this happen in just over one week. Each and every one has received a tweet of thanks from @andrewjhamm, and the full list will appear here when the campaign is done. All I can say is thank you, and that I recognize the love and faith implicit in such generosity. We're making you all a hell of a show.

The Kickstarter goal has been met, but our fundraising goals have not been. Not yet. The Kickstarter campaign is only half of the minimum budget needed to produce the show, and we have had several local fundraising setbacks in the past month.We still need about $1500 to meet our budget and pay for all these musicians, designers, and technical requirements. In truth, I'd like to make substantially more, as the musicians and singers are making rather a pittance considering they started working on the show in March.

Kickstarter will continue to receive donations through July 13th, and if you're a fan from a distance that's a great way to help us out! Bear in mind, of course, that Kickstarter and Amazon take a small cut of your donation. If you want every penny to go straight to the show, you can write a check to Richmond Triangle Players with "Joe Jackson" in the memo line and mail it to:

Richmond Triangle Players
PO Box 6905
Richmond, VA 23230

Better still, email me at to talk about how I can bring an hour of live music into your living room for an in-house fundraiser for you and your most musically-inclined friends.

Again, thanks for all the support.

Today, we are performing a trio of songs from Joe Jackson's Night and Day at Richmond CultureWorks' Cultsha Xpo. We'll be hitting the Rotunda stage at 11:30 with three songs from Night and Day: "Another World," "Breaking Us in Two," and of course "Steppin' Out." We hope to see you Central Virginians there, but if you miss it tune back in later today for the exclusive video!

Oh, and here's a bonus, designed with the invaluable assistance of Sarah Jamillah Johnson:

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