Thursday, May 24, 2012

Weekend in the City

It's been a big week! I met with a set designer for a meeting whose purpose I thought was to convince him to do the show, but it turned out he wanted to talk concept and layout; he was already on board. The percussionists came over to jam out on Monday and the singers congregated for the first big vocal rehearsal Tuesday nights. I didn't record any video because it was a lot of learning hard pieces, and a lot of stopping and starting. "Target," for example, doesn't translate so well when you're only repeating the same bridge and percussion solo over and over for 20 minutes. One great moment from Tuesday: the climax of "A Slow Song" is going to knock your freaking socks off. Damn, these singers are good.

I'm heading up to New York City this morning for a research and homework trip. I'll be up there through Monday morning. Goals:
  1. Record some raw audio in interesting places for use in pre-show and intermission
  2. Take some pictures to use in pre-show and intermission slideshows
  3. Put a KickStarter video together with the help of my brother Patrick
  4. Record some music with said brother (not JJND-related)
  5. Do another thing
  6. Meet some interesting people in some interesting places
So I ask you, dear readers familiar with New York: where should I go to meet some interesting people? I mean "Stranger than You" interesting.

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